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"Directing is the most difficult profession in the world. Frankly, I am not sure if it is a profession at all. It is fate. There are some ways of training a director, but it is certainly close to impossible. Directors are formed by life itself, like natural occurrences. You do not teach a mountain to become a mountain. There are many people around who pretend to be directors, but most people who are doing it are actually just that — pretenders. You can learn the superficial features of the profession, you can learn how to boss people around, you can learn the terminology of great teachings, you can have ideas and literary interests, all of it is not enough to make you a director. So what is it?

Director is a key figure in an act of creating theater, it is somebody who has a deeply organic understanding of the work of an actor, who is a profound interpreter of life, who is an authentic leader whom people want to fallow not because of power, but because of a force of convictions, it is a humanist who is a believer in human heart, it is a manager of theatrical organisms and a poet of space whoís greatest satisfaction is the discovery of profound dramatic beauty, it is all of the above and so much more. It is truly the greatest, most difficult profession in the world".

Danila Korogodsky

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